Sylvia Maessen is a composer, arranger and double bass (contrabas) player.

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Her compositions are primarily in the modern classical style, but she also composes jazz, world music and musical theatre pieces. Her arrangements also span many genres, from classical to jazz, pop and world music. She performs regularly on the double bass in all of these genres.

For detailed information including several sound fragments and sheet music, click on compositions, arrangements and double bass, and continue selecting by clicking on menu items in bold. These are only a few of my over 1000 arrangements. Feel free to email me for further information and to receive free samples of my music for trial and review.

For direct contact:  -  0031-(0)6-12176175

Sylvia Maessen (born The Hague, 1959)
Grammar school, Haarlem (graduated 1978)
Musicology in Amsterdam (University) (1978-1979)
Oboe Performance, Hilversum Conservatory, Victor Swillens (exam 1985)
Composition and Arrangement, Hilversum Conservatory, Lex Jasper (also lessons from Kenny Napper, Frans Elsen and Jurre Haanstra)
Double bass, Hilversum Conservatory: Edward Mebius, classical, Koos Serierse, jazz (exam 1990)

I have followed many jazz workshops including from composer/arrangers Bob Brookmeijer, Jerry van Rooijen, and Peter Herbolzheimer, from bass players Ray Brown, John Clayton, and Red Mitchell, and from drummer Ed Thigpen.

I perform regularly as bassist with the following groups: the all-female jazz band Alice in Dixieland, tango ensemble Fuego Latino, swing trio Swing Sister Swing, operetta ensemble Wiener Tradition, accompanying orchestra Philharmonia Amsterdam, and for many years, klezmer music.

I am also often involved in diverse projects like theatre productions and as substitute in other ensembles and orchestras.

I taught jazz theory for two-year position at the Schumann Academy, the educational institute leading to state music exams in the Netherlands.

My compositions are typically in the modern classical style, but I compose and/or arrange in many other genres (opera, chamber music, jazz, musicals, tango, klezmer etc.)

2016: Donna in Musica - Padua Italy - I Solisti Veneti with Claudio Scimone (string-orchestra)
2010: first prize in the RBO Sinfonia prize for composition (the Dutch historical oratorio "Nova Zembla" (lyrics: Wendela de Vos).
2006: third prize in the national VSB-poetry competition. (voice and instrumental ensemble)
2007: member of GeNeCo, the Dutch Composers Collective (Genootschap der Nederlandse Componisten).